That's a wrap 2018!

Whew! What a year! SBG Hospitality just wrapped up its last event of the year with the McKinney Fall Festival & Monster Dash 5k at Tupps Brewery. It was an excellent way to end our year and now we get a little down time to relax and recharge our batteries! We’ll be booking our 2019 event partners soon, but a quick beach trip is what the doctor ordered! Here’s what we’ll be reflecting on as we gear up and create goals for 2019:


SBG Hospitality planned 7 festivals in 2018. We perfected a lot of processes and have learned a lot of cool lessons along the way on how to make the events even better in 2019.


We planned five 5k runs that hosted 1,891 runners!


Social media is one of our strengths. Facebook is how most of our event attendees learn about our events. We had 56,648 people following our events on Facebook this year!


20,500 people attended an SBG Hospitality event!


The events we’ve created are special to us, to our attendees and our event partners. We always say that you can’t have a great event without great event partners and we believe that to be 100% true! This year we had the honor of working with 792 event partners!


Thank you for supporting our events in 2018 in Austin, Plano and McKinney! We are excited to put pen to paper and show you what we have in store for 2019!




SBG Hospitality

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