Simply put... We create amazing experiences.

We specialize in festival planning and grand openings. Our mission is to bring our clients brand to life, and we do that through amazing special events. What sets us apart is our passion and commitment to providing the very best customer service and hospitality to our clients and event attendees.




We know that with success comes long to-do lists. SBG Hospitality can step in as a contractor to help you throw that gala that your team doesn't have time to focus on, or organize a grand opening event that will showcase your clients brand. We'll be behind the scenes. Your client will never even know we're there. They'll just wonder how you do so many things and do them all so well.



Not all cities and towns have their own events team. Let SBG Hospitality come in and execute a free public event at no charge to the municipality. Ask us how we do it. We'll create brand appropriate signature events that promote a thriving lifestyle in your city.


Club members are looking for quality events that they can look forward to. Your events are a driving factor for your membership, and the experiences that your current members have will be great PR for your club for years to come. SBG Hospitality executes amazing events that focus on the details while providing white glove service and hospitality.